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Ep 68: Creepy Conway Twitty sure can sing! The MindField presents: MF22

SEASON FOUR OF THE MINDFIELDThe Fair Use Series; Part 1 Creepy Conway Twitty Sure Can Sing! A mini-series about country yacht-rock crooner Conway Twitty and some of his creepiest songs ever. In this first episode we're looking deep into the eyes of a song called "Don't Take It Away."-   –   –  –  – Excerpted SongsThis episode featured excerpts from the following songs  – with links to purchase or stream if available:Don't Take It Away – Conway Twitty  APPLE MUSIC Hello, Darlin  – Conway Twitty.  APPLE MUSIC"Don't Take It Away" written by Troy Seals and Max D. Barnes,"Hello Darlin" written by Conway Twitty. Produced by Owen Bradley.If you have a question or a comment email me at and I’ll read it on the podcast.YOUTUBE: @MindFPodcastWebsite: The MindField does not claim any right over all of the songs and sounds used in this podcast The podcast exists to examine and document pop culture comedy and at times begrudgingly uses unauthorized material to supplement our ongoing study of modern comedy. All rights reserved to the respective copyright owners. #ConwayTwitty
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