Podcast WrapDown

The Book of Ye is underway; Punch Drunk Sports Update


PODCAST: The Book of Ye

HOSTS: Rob Haze and Chris Daniels

Two comedians host a podcast wherein they analyze Kanye West in detail. Each episode is named after a different song. Rob Haze, one of the two hosts, is a stand-up comedian who left Atlanta for New York and its’ plentiful performance opportunities for funny people.

Punch Drunk Sports
HOSTS: Sam Tripoli, Jason Thibault and Ari Shaffir

The Fart Funnel is safely behind us (the best way to explain it is with the name they’ve chosen. Ever seen someone funnel a beer? It’s like that except the loser of this bet funnels airborne fecal matter).

The Fart Funnel is the result of a wonderful  show element called The Bet Bag. When the guys are arguing (something they do about 90% of the time). The boys settle these beefs by choosing from the Bag. The Fart Funnel was one of those challenges. I almost gagged just listening to it. The running commentary and retching of the co-hosts left a disgusting image in my head. Thanks boys!