Based in Metro Atlanta.

Veteran of media, nonprofit management, freelance writing, marketing and radio.

– Experienced program director and multi-talented media professional with 10+ years of experience in grass-roots fund-raising, marketing and event promotion

– Proficient in all of the standard office desktop software, WordPress, HTML and Photoshop

– Extensive social media and content marketing experience including Indiegogo

– Very diverse professional background that includes being a freelance writer and radio producer/reporter

Technology Skills:

● Microsoft Access, Office & Excel, HTML, CSS,

● Google Analytics, AdSense, WordPress, LEVER, Zoho CRM

● Photoshop, In-Design, Adobe Illustrator

● Content Marketing (Amazon Mechanical Turk, CrowdSourcing)

● Creating templates and writing monthly email newsletters

● Video/audio editing (iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Reaper,
Final Cut, Pro Tools, Audacity)​